Pyka P3 plane loading passengers

Pyka P3

The P3 is an advanced electric airplane designed to increase the accessibility, speed, and safety of regional travel. The P3 will leverage our vast network of over 5,000 underutilized public airports to fundamentally expand the options for how we travel.

$95 / hour

4x reduction in direct cost compared to a conventional 9-passenger airplane

200 NM, 155 knots

Enabling trips that are 4x faster than a car


Reduced pilot workload — ideal for low time regional pilots

Zero Emissions

Helping to drive the world toward a zero-emission future

Pyka P3 Passenger plane


The P3 blends cutting-edge propulsion system and avionics technologies with an extremely aerodynamic, battle-tested airframe configuration. The result is a revolutionary new aircraft that will re-define cargo and regional transportation.

Redundant Power System

The P3 is equipped with a patent-pending pusher-puller propulsion system that gives variable-pitch like performance with inexpensive, easy to maintain fixed pitch propellers. During cruise, only the rear propellers are used, resulting in a 10% increase in efficiency over a conventional design.

Advanced Fly-by-Wire Avionics

The P3 utilizes the next generation of our Pyka Flight Engine and incorporates the same levels of redundancy and reliability found in commercial airliners.

Multi-Mission Design

The P3 can comfortably carry up to nine passengers or 330 ft2 of cargo. Large rear doors and a high wing provide an easy entry and exit point for people and goods.

Lightweight Composite Airframe

P3's extremely aerodynamic structure is made out of high performance carbon fiber composites resulting in high corrosion resistance and fatigue-limits, as well as benchmark-setting range and cruise speed.

Electric workhorse

We've optimized P3 for safety, reliability, and affordability. P3 leverages Pyka's certified systems to provide a sustainable and fast option for regional trips.

Pyka P3 plane loading passengers Pyka P3 plane loading passengers

The safest commuter aircraft ever built

Pyka’s proprietary fly-by-wire control system sits between the pilot and the aircraft, greatly simplifying operations and eliminating the risk of loss of control — a revolution in single pilot safety.

4-axis envelope protection

Roll, pitch, yaw, airspeed

Active stall and spin prevention

Automated systems ensure safety

Four-engine operation

Best-in-class engine-out climb performance and controllability

Emergency autoland

Protects occupants in critical situations

Pilot Optional

The P3 is designed for autonomy from day one, enabling safe, pilotless, and affordable cargo missions.

Pyka P3 cargo airplanes flying


Propulsion System


4 electric motors


400 kW combined


Composite, fixed pitch, folding


242 kWh


Wing span

70 ft


39 ft


13 ft


2 + 9 passengers


Empty Weight

5,200 lbs

Useful Payload

2,500 lbs

Gross Weight

7,700 lbs


Stall with flaps

55 knots

Cruise speed

155+ knots

Takeoff/landing run

850 feet at gross weight


200 NM (with IFR reserve)


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