Back view of a Pyka aircraft on a runway
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We’re building the future of electric aviation — making the core technologies that enable safe, affordable, emissions-free air transportation.


All electric

Short take-off and landing


Pyka agricultural spray aircraft


The world's most productive spray drone

Pyka transport aircraft


Sustainable regional mobility




We set out to develop the world's most capable autonomous aircraft from the ground up. Our planes use state-of-the art 3D aerial mapping and dynamic path planning to know where obstacles are and how to fly around them. Every aspect of our missions — taxi, takeoff, flight, and landing — is handled by our autonomous flight engine.

We’ve put our system to the test on over 3,000 aerial crop protection missions — one of the most complex and difficult environments for any aircraft to navigate.

Autonomous path planning in obstacels
Agricultural field

Operate from anywhere

Pyka’s aircraft can operate from a 300 ft runway, an order of magnitude less infrastructure than previously possible — enabled by Pyka's all-electric propulsion system and autonomous flight engine.

All Electric

Pyka battery

Our aircraft are powered by redundant lithium polymer battery packs, designed and manufactured by Pyka. Each pack combines best-in-class energy and power density with a fault tolerant thermal management system ensuring safe operation over 1,000+ cycles — one example of over a dozen proprietary integrated systems on our aircraft.


Built. Certified.

The first and only certified electric workhorse. We're applying our technologies to every industry where electric aircraft can be useful, starting with the highest need and most dangerous jobs.

Pyla agricultural aircraft

15,000+ miles

3,000+ autonomous missions

Pyka aircraft on runway

650 lbs

Payload of largest aircraft in operation.

Equivalent to 3+ passengers

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