Pyka Pelican airplane landing on a farm


The Pelican is an autonomous electric aircraft designed for complex agricultural operations on farms. The Pelican combines best in class payload capacity, precision, and drift reduction technologies to provide low-impact, effective crop protection at scale.

Fully Autonomous

LIDAR enabled collision avoidance & terrain following

130 Acres / Hour

The world’s most productive spray drone

450 ft runway

10x reduction infrastructure. Operate from anywhere

Ultra-Low Drift

Helicopter-like agility, 450 micron shear-point

Pyka Pelican during takeoff


Every Pelican features integrated propulsion, navigation, spray and safety systems that are constantly working to ensure each job is done right, on time, and as planned.

Redundant Power System

Each Pelican is equipped with a multiply redundant power system, including three 25kW electric motors and triple redundant batteries to provide a high level of safety and eliminate single points of failure.

Advanced Autonomy

Each Pelican is equipped with a proprietary Pyka Flight Engine. Six processors on two separate computers process millions of inputs per second from the aircraft's forward facing LIDAR, downward facing lasers, redundant IMUs, and redundant air data booms.

Automated Spray System

Pelicans come with variable-speed electric rotary atomizers coupled with a proprietary high speed centrifugal electric pump. Pelicans adjusts their flow rate and droplet size throughout the flight in order to maximize application efficiency and precision.

Lightweight Composite Airframe

The Pelican airframe and structural components are made out of high performance carbon fiber composite parts, corrosion-resistant metallic components, and complex 3D printed assemblies using industry-standard aerospace manufacturing processes.

Redundancy, Reliability, Autonomy

We set out to develop the world's most capable autonomous aircraft from the ground up. The Pelican uses state-of-the art 3D aerial mapping and dynamic path planning to know where obstacles are and how to fly around them.

Every aspect of our agricultural missions — is handled by our autonomous flight engine. We’ve put our system to the test on over 3,000 aerial crop protection missions — one of the most complex and difficult environments for any aircraft to navigate.

Pyka Flight Engine

Operate from anywhere

The Pelican can operate from a 450 ft runway, an order of magnitude less infrastructure than previously possible — enabled by Pyka's all-electric propulsion system and autonomous flight engine.

Pyka Pelican airplane taking off at a farm


Propulsion System


3 electric motors


75 kW combined


Composite, fixed pitch


13 kWh


Wing span

38 ft


20 ft

Swath Width

34 ft


Empty Weight
with swappable battery

620 lbs


700 lbs, 84 gallons

Gross Weight

1,320 lbs


Stall with flaps

35 knots

Application speed

60-80 knots

Take off run

300 feet at gross weight

Runway requirement

450 ft x 50 ft, dirt, gravel, grass


30 mins (+10 min reserve)

Work rate
5 gal/acre

84 acres / hour

Work rate
2 gal/acre

130 acres / hour

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